1968 Pickup Crews

Aussie aircrew deployed to Mather AFB, California, Cannon AFB, New Mexico and Nellis AFB, Nevada during 1968 to undergo F-111 conversion training courses whilst our 24 jets were being assembled at General Dynamics in Fort Worth, Texas. Four Conversion Courses were conducted between 11 Feb 68 and 11 Dec 68. Unfortunately, in late 68, a catastrophic wing failure required the redesign of the controversial swing wing carry-through box and Australia refused to accept the aircraft until the design was proven and tested. 

This delayed the RAAF F-111 program by five years. Some of the original aircrew never flew the F-111 again, some went on to fly F-4Es and some lucky ones came back to ferry the jets home in 1973 …

One of our very first F-111 pilots, Wally Walters, shares his early experiences on the F-111 ...

F-111C Production Line Assy of A8-131 - Oct 72 - 02 - Version 2

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