F-111C Aircrew


F-111C Aircrew List  - 16 Jan 22

F-111C Aircrew - Alphabetical List

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Ever wonder how many aircrew flew aussie F-111s?  

Well, the aussie F-111 Aircrew Honour Roll has 444 names on the list … but when you take into account some duplicates:

*  Three names appear on three courses (Chris Lake, Al Curr & John Emery) 

*  41 aircrew appear on two 6SQN OPCONs (2nd & 3rd tourists did full OPCONs until
    No 23 CSE, thereafter F-111 Refresher Courses)

*  Seven pig NAVs became pig PLTs (Steve Clarke, Leigh Beaman, Tiger Meadows,
    Phil Townshend, Teddy Blair, Marty Huet and Shannon Kennedy)

… the aussie F-111 Aircrew Honour Roll totals 390 aircrew:

*   208 Pilots,

*   147 Navigators,

*   19 Air Combat Officers,

*   13 WSOs,

*   two AEOs, and 

*   one Flight Engineer (ARL).

but not all aircrew were aussies; the 390 also includes the yanks and poms who came to ‘Oz on exchange: eight RAF pilots, eight RAF navigators, 11 USAF pilots and 13 USAF WSOs.  

… and for the purists amongst you, the 6SQN OPCON graduates of the 62 OPCON courses = 178 Pilots, 128 Navigators, 19 Air Combat Officers, three USAF WSOs (the first 10 USAFEX were already F-111 qualified, the last three came from Strike Eagles) and two AEOs, totalling 330 aircrew !