Commemorative Watch Offer

Email from Ted Schneider:

Hi Boggy!

The commemorative watch offer below is being organised by COL Tony Sobol, USAF  (ret of course and building his own aeroplanes in New Mexico); a Vietnam Vark vet legend, my classmate during F-111 Transition Course at RAF Lakenheath UK and CO of the 522 TAC Fighter Squadron when I returned there after my exchange tour at Amberley has organised a commemorative F-111 watch for aircrew and troops. 

What do you think about getting this offer out to all our Aussie aircrew and troops out there on our Pig contact list?



From: Tony Sobol <>

Date: 25 May 2018 at 12:55:31 am AEST
To: 'Ted & Lisa Schneider' <>
Subject: FW: F-111 watch

Fellow “Vark” alumni

 I’ve been working with the luxury watch company, Bremont, in England to come up with a fitting watch to commemorate the F-111.  Bremont has been working across the spectrum of military aircraft to design appropriate watches and then offer them at a military discount.  Feel free to go to their site and view all the different military watches they’ve created.  I’ve attached the poster of the F-111 watch.  If you’re interested in the watch please complete the attached order form and send to:

The order form can be completed by anyone eligible, F-111 aircrew or ground crew.  The order from provides the pricing for the different accessories, options, and extras.  To have the rotor on the back engraved with:            1967 F-111 2010, Whispering Death, a minimum order of 50 is required.

Once all the orders have been received everyone will be emailed with the information about securing their order by processing the security deposit of £750/$1,050. Three methods of payment are available; online credit card, by phone or bank transfer.

When all the deposits have been received, the Project will go ‘live'.  The lead time from the Project going 'live', to having all the watches assembled, tested, engraved, QCed and ready to ship is about 22-26 weeks.

Bremont has requested that their pricing list not be shared on social media as their retailers would be upset.

 Tony “Lobos” Sobol