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First call for PigzBum #9, annual F-111C aircrew reunion dinner;
Fri 2 Nov 18, click for RSVP 


 F-111 WEBSITE ANNOUNCEMENT - Visit us at:

Email from Kurt Todoroff:

Hello Vark Drivers,

I flew the F-111D at Cannon, from 1980 to 1984, and, the EF-111A at Mountain Home, from 1984 to 1986.  Jack Poronsky and I have gone live with our F-111 website:

 1:  Our purpose was to create an Internet portal to the F-111 aircrew roster database, only for us.  As such, F-111 aircrews can access the roster database, via the website, at will.  This is far simpler than receiving a roster by email, periodically.  Furthermore, the roster will be as accurate as each registered member keeps their own record.

 2:  Our website permits each of you to change your personal record.  Jack and I conceived this project with personal data security as our first priority.  While anyone can access the website, only registered members can access the database records.  Each registered member can modify their personal record, only.

 3:  The website offers to registered members the ability to download:

      The entire roster

      A roster of deceased colleagues

      A roster that is filtered by criteria that you select

      A roster in multiple formats (PDF, Text, Rich Text Format, Excel, HTML, XML)

 4:  The website offers member to member messaging.

 5:  The website offers member news posting.

 6:  The website offers member owned photograph galleries.

 Jack and I encourage you to Register to become a member & Spread this message to all of your F-111 friends


Pigs Tales from the early days, thanks to Wally Walters, F-111 Pilot in '68 & '73 first ferry flight