PigzBum #8 SITREP

The eighth PigzBum dinner was successfully held at the United Services Club in Brisbane on Friday, 17/11/17; presided over by D2.   Our President & fearsome leader was AWOL in China :)    

17 PLTs, 17 NAVs and two ACOs attended, spanning the  early days in ’68 until the very last (62) OPCON including Bird Kennedy, current XO 6SQN.  The first person to fly the pig, Bob Bryce, was there again as was James Hutchins who flew in the last 6-ship.  Five first flight ferry aircrew relived the glory days: John Bushell, Al Blyth, Wang Miller, Barry Sullivan and Ray Perry (who some may have noticed missed the dinner; in racing parlance he was scratched at the barrier as he pulled up lame, but was happily seen cantering around the USC the next morning - in his own words, it’s a bastard getting old !!)

A couple of first-timers pitched in to PigzBum; it was great to see John ‘JJ’ Jolly and Brian ‘BD’ Dunn in action again.  Thanks everyone for another great night, have a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, stay healthy and see you again 2018 !

…  enough blither, from far too much red wine, I think it was a fun night - a picture says a thousand words, or one sweep's worth a thousand peeps ….

Check out the photos below & the Slideshow

IMG 4502

Boggy, Kombat, Big Al, Barry Sullivan, Spike Tyrrell & JJ Jolly

IMG 4511

Kombat &  Big Al

IMG 4519

Barry Sullivan, Spike Tyrrell & JJ Jolly

IMG 4525

Rossy, Streaty, Pete Layton, Omar & LlloydLa

IMG 4527

Rossy & Streaty - 2 hard arse instructor Navs, forever young still with hair !

IMG 4529

Scorch keeping Anna Lovatt company while Odie was buying more fine red wine with BD ...

IMG 4531

& here’s Odie with Kev Paule, Bird Kennedy, Hutch and Doc Miller - PigzBum founder, very greedy

IMG 4532

Odie to Anna Lovatt; I’m back baby !  or Anna to Odie; you cheap bastard, only one rose :) :)

IMG 4534

BD + Odie = Navigator Trouble :)

IMG 4535

Distinguished Head Table with Al Blyth, Dave Dunlop (A/President) & Gordon French

IMG 4536

Gordon French flanked by KP, Bird Kennedy & Hutch

IMG 4538

Cheers from Sammy Cooper, Tim Jones & John Bushell

IMG 4539

BoydLa wins best tie award but refuses to share red wine with Big Al; Kombat wants that rose for dessert …

IMG 4541

Wardo, Bob Montgomery & Jack Lynch - three of our aged, like a fine wine, pig Pilots !!!

IMG 4542

RickOf & Wardo reliving the TFR equation ?

!!! Cheers to all F-111C pig aircrew, past & present !!!

PS.  The little ‘PigzBum’ mascot is still overseas and being cared for by ‘Zales’; undergoing Super Hornet conversion training, full update expected @ next PigzBum ….