PigzBum #7 SITREP


Another successful F-111C aircrew reunion was held at the United Services Club in Brisbane on Friday, 11/11; presided over by Shep, our fearsome leader.  A good push — 25 PLTs, 24 NAVs and one ACO attended spanning the pigs earliest days until 54 OPCON; seven first flight ferry aircrew, four members from 3 OPCON, five F-111 ejection survivors and a few first-timers: Dave Rogers, Al Blythe, Mike Maddocks, BJ Walsh, Booger O’Brien ... the attendance list goes on …

The night of moderating revelry was regaled by many old pig’s tales; worthy of mention was Dave Clarkson’s rendition of his ejection from A8-136, Keith Oliver’s recall of his Pommie exchange tour in the 80s and Booger O’Brien’s booming of RAAF Tindal; oh and Johnny Wog’s presentation on the ‘PigzBum mascot’ was classic but you had to be there - no pressure on Zales for a repeat performance next year :)

Thanks everyone for another great night & follow this website for PigzBum#8; Happy Christmas, stay healthy and see you in 2017 !

Photos courtesy of Mr Trevor Benneworth, RAAF Radschool Association www.radschool.org.au - follow the link, then scroll down to see an article about the United Services Club and F-111C Aircrew Reunion Annual Dinners  http://www.radschool.org.au/magazines/Vol56/Page7.htm