Fallon/Pike - 2 Apr 87

2 April 1987 (F-111C A8-128) – 6th F-111 accident 

Ground impact near Tenterfield, NSW

During the recovery from a night climb auto weapon delivery profile against a simulated landstrike target near Tenterfield, NSW, the aircraft was observed to over-bank and commence a descent of approximately 10 degrees. The descent continued with decreasing bank angle until just prior to impact when the aircraft commenced an Auto TF fly-up. The aircraft impacted the ground with considerable downwards velocity; with a 5° nose up attitude, slightly right wing low and 3.5–3.7G applied. Aircraft break-up was extensive, with wreckage spread up to 1300 metres downrange. Both crew members were fatally injured.

Pilot:            FLTLT Mark “Speed” Fallon

Cat C F-111C QFI – 1776 hrs total time / 873 hrs F-111

Navigator:    FLGOFF Bill Pike

CAT U – 2441 hrs total time / 47.9 hrs F-111 (Conversion Course student)