Noordink/Holt - 29 Sep 77

29 September 1977 (F-111C A8-133) – 2nd F-111 accident

Birdstrike and ejection Evans Head

During the downwind leg at 2000 ft AMSL for a second bombing pass on a 320° attack heading, the aircraft experienced at least three birdstrikes on the cockpit transparencies. Between 10–12 seconds later ejection was initiated at a height of 720 ft AMSL and airspeed of 520 kts. The crew module impacted the ground after a flight time of approximately three seconds. Both crew members were killed. The aircraft crashed into the ground approximately 9 nm south‑southwest from the main radar target at Evans Head air weapons range (NSW) and caused an extensive ground fire. Wreckage from the windscreen panels and other cockpit contents were recovered 1.5 nm back along the flight path from the aircraft’s ground impact point.

Pilot:     FLTLT Adam “Phil” Noordink 

CAT U – 3341.7 hrs total time / 17 hrs F-111 (Conversion Course student)

QFI:      SQNLDR John Holt

A2 CAT QFI – 2483.2 hrs total time / 961.1 hrs F-111