Erskine/Angell - 28 Jan 86

28 January 1986 (F-111C A8-139) – 5th F-111 accident 

Sea impact off coast of Moruya, NSW

During a night simulated maritime strike attack, the aircraft crashed into the ocean approximately 52 nm east of Moruya, NSW. Both crew members were killed. The incident crew were leading a fleet support maritime strike mission involving four F-111 aircraft. Approximately 1,800 lbs of wreckage (about 3% of the aircraft’s total weight) was recovered from the ocean surface, with indications that an ejection was not attempted and that both crew members died on impact. 

Pilot:             FLTLT Steve “Esky" Erskine  

Cat C – 861.1 hrs total time / 523 hrs F-111

Navigator:    CAPT Greg Angell

Cat C – 1372 total time / 1177 hrs F-111 (USAF Exchange)