Rogers/Growder - 25 Oct 78

25 October 1978 (F-111C A8-141) – 3rd F-111 accident

Inflight fire and ejection near Auckland

During an emergency diversion following a wheel-well hot indication, the aircraft suffered a wheel-well fire. An ejection was initiated and the aircraft crashed into the sea near Auckland, New Zealand. The ejection was successful, however both crew members suffered back injuries.

Pilot:            WGCDR Dave Rogers    

Cat C – 3232.8 hrs total time / 283 hrs F-111

Navigator:    FLTLT Pete “Growdz” Growder

Cat B – 2842 total time / 1037.2 hrs F-111


Hauling the module aboard HMNZS Monowai

Photos courtesy of Dave Rogers, PLT


The fire-blackened wheel well