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How many aircrew flew aussie F-111s?  

The F-111C Aircrew Honour Roll has 448 names on the list, but when you take into account some duplicates; like the three names appearing on three courses (Chris Lake, John Emery and Al Curr), the 29 aircrew who doubled up in the early 68-73 years, the 15 aircrew who did two 6SQN OPCONs (2nd tourists did full OPCONs until No 23 CSE, thence F-111C Refresher Courses) and the seven pig NAVs who became pig PLTs (Steve Clarke, Leigh Beaman, Tiger Meadows, Phil Townshend, Teddy Blair, Marty Huet and Shannon Kennedy); that leaves 394 select aircrew … 

So, the aussie F-111C Aircrew Honour Roll totals 204 Pilots, 153 Navigators, 21 Air Combat Officers, 13 WSOs, two AEOs and one Flight Test Engineer (ARL), totalling 394 aircrew.

Not all were aussies of course: the 394 also includes the USAF yanks and RAF poms who came to ‘Oz' on exchange: 11 USAF Pilots, 10 USAF WSOs, 8 RAF pilots and eight RAF Navigators.

… and for the purists amongst you, the 6SQN graduates of the 64 OPCONs = 178 Pilots, 132 Navigators, 21 Air Combat Officers, three USAF WSOs (the first 10 USAFEX WSOs were already F-111 qualified, the last three came from Strike Eagles) and two AEOs, totalling 336 aircrew !

Note: Between 13 Aug 73 and 30 May 08, a span of 34.8 years, 6SQN conducted 64 OPCONs:

   #1-62 CSE, 46A & 49A CSE
   graduated 336/389 F-111C aircrew
   graduation rate of 86.4%
   average 9.7 aircrew @ year