General Dynamics - F-111 Production

General Dynamics was awarded the contract to build F-111s at United States Air Force Plant 4 Forth Worth, Texas, now used by Lockheed Martin for the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter.  (Trivia: the production line is just over a mile long, only in Texas !)

F-111s Manufactured by GD - 562 aircraft

RDT&E    30     x   F-111A    (5 Attrited)
TAC         129   x   F-111A    (39 Attrited)
USN         7      x   F-111B    (2 Attrited)    
RAAF       24    x   F-111C    (7 Attrited) 
TAC         96     x   F-111D    
(21 Attrited) 
TAC         94     x   F-111E    
(18 Attrited) 
TAC         106   x   F-111F    
(28 Attrited)
SAC         76    x   FB-111A  (14 Attrited) 
RAF         2      x   F-111K     (
nearly completed)

F-111s Modified by GD

TAC         42    x   EF-111A   (3 Attrited) Modified F-111A
TAC         34    x   F-111G     
(0 Attrited) Modified FB-111A
RAAF      15    x   F-111G     
(1 Attrited) Modified FB-111A
RAAF      4      x   F-111G    
(0 Attrited) Modified F-111A
RAAF      4      x   RF-111C  
(0 Attrited) Modified F-111C
TAC         1      x   RF-111A    
(0 Attrited) Modified F-111A
RDT&E    1     x   FB-111A    
(0 Attrited) Modified F-111A

F-111 Aircraft Serial Numbers - pdf table

F-111 Aircraft Serial Numbers & Attrition - xcel tables
(Disclaimer: tables derived from pdf table and www)

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