Some early photos ...

Some very early photos, courtesy of Dave “Roggez” Rogers

1.  The first 68 Course

2.  The Handover ceremony at GDFW in Sept 68

3.  GDFW in 69 with grounded aircraft everywhere.

4.  Our aircraft parked at GDFW in 69 when nearly all off the line. About 19 of 24 in pic.

5.  Inspection in Sep 68 after ceremony. 132 'painted up' as 125.

6.  First 73 Course pretending to learn!

7.  126 off the line in original colour scheme.

8.  First F-111s in Australia. Four As from Nellis at AMB for RAAF 50th Anniversary.

9.  Long term storage at GDFW in 70.

10. This sign was on the wall of the Green Oaks Motel where we stayed for the Sep 68 ceremony at FW. The USN had cancelled a few weeks before and the sign was gone the next morning. We later found out that GD owned the place and did not appreciate the management's humour!

First Course
Handover 132 as 125,
Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 1.03.40 pm
Storage FW
04-15-2013 12
Factory Scheme
Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 12.56.18 pm
GreenOaksMorel1968 - Version 2
Incredible TFR [800x600]

11.  I doctored the pic and removed the hook and wire and added the caption.  :)