1966/68 Aircrew

The first Australians to train on the F-111 in October 1967

In their distinctive RAAF peaked caps:

Standing L-R: Flight Lieutenants Ivan Skipworth, Neil Pollock and Bob Bruce

Crouching L-R: Flight Lieutenants Ian Westmore and Bernie Johnson (simulator instructor)


First Australian to win a Top Gun Award (1968) on F111 – Bob Bruce 4527th Combat Crew Training Squadron, about 20 Instructors competing for the award over the year

First all Australian crew to fly the F111 in January 1968 – Ivan Skipworth and Bob Bruce

Note from Bob Bruce: “ … could have been earlier famil or demo flights involving two Australians e.g. Ron Green (Test Pilot) and Frank Griggs, Project Officer. I don’t know that there was such a flight and in fact it is probably unlikely. Certainly it would not have involved a training mission with weapon release etc …”

Bob Bruce, NAV, Aircrew Training Cadre, 1967-69 – Here are a number of early days pics — Note most of the USAF guys in the Cannon AFB photo did not get onto an F111 Course until 12 months or later as our Aussie crews, for training and aircraft delivery, were arriving throughout 1968 (some of our guys got basic training but — well you know the rest of the story).

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