Pigz+ Golf

 Carbrook GC Tuesday 21st May – MISREP 

A glorious QLD autumn day greeted us at Carbrook GC, home of the bull sharks lurking in the lakes, with the rain finally staying away.  The course was in fabulous condition with lots of improvements underway.  The late scratching of Francois allowed the ring-in Casper to take another RDO from the GC Council to take his place 😊   Three evenly matched teams set off with the hot favourites (Pig PLTs + Casper) leading the way.  Despite their mediocre Front 9, Woodsy captained his team to perfection and they stormed home with a blistering 6-under 29 on the back to win by the barest 0.6 margin.  Bar talk confirmed the rumour that Herbie T-Good finally hit a great tee-shot on a par-3, his best shot in nine years !   Great shot Herbie, we’ll ignore the stick your team gave you for hitting a Driver, but you did the business and won the kitty $$ to stave off the very unlucky Pig NAVs and Fisheads.  Both teams turned 4-under but faded on their back 9s; Mario’s Fisheads + knuck finished on auto-pilot with 9 very boring pars, they apparently had a few wild ‘pink-ball’ throws too …  Boggy’s boyz were cruising on AUTO TFR but made the unforgivable mistake in Ambrose of making, not one, but two f#!@*ing bogeys, did anyone care that we were the only team that made an eagle 😂

That’s a wrap, lottsa fun with great mates again and another very close contest and you had to be there to understand RickOf’s final words: “We know that Big Al and Stinky are watching to make sure Casper doesn’t spend the infamous ‘Cleavage Fiver’; that $5 note now remains in permanent circulation to be presented to the next runner-up captain”

Stay tuned for the next game, tentatively Gailes GC on 16 July !!! Fore !!!

Team 1 Woodsy Casper RickOf T’Good
Team 2 Mario Corrie Tardo Blakey
Team 3 Boggy Streaty BJ Curly
Front 9 Back 9 Score H’Cap Result
Team 1 35 29 64 13.8 50.2
Team 2 32 35 67 14.2 52.8
Team 3 32 34 66 15.1 50.9
Photo Courtesy of Curly Ware, our sprightly octogenarian, who still has a current PPL and stripes it down the middle, often, putts better than most too 😂
PIGZ+ Ambrose Rules







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