F-111 Presentation Tenterfield - 27 Oct 14

Here are the photos of the three recipients of the photos made by Amberley photo section.  The three locals came to the Golf Club with their spouses and joined us for drinks and dinner. I think that it was a very suitable and enjoyable evening. The non-RAAF guys in our golfing group all joined in making them welcome and told them that they too appreciated their work in maintaining the memorial site. 

The first photo is of Anne Austin; Anne is the lady that I met when she was mowing the site in February.   She has been doing this for some 25 years.  Anne was quite nervous about all the attention but really appreciated the photo and kind words. 

The next photo is of Barbara Brown, the vet's wife.  Barbara mows the sides of the road leading up to the memorial. Barbara and her husband, John were the closest to the accident with their house badly damaged by the impact.

Last photo is of Andrew Bates,turned out that most of our golfing group knew him as he had worked in the golf club for some years. Andrew had taken upon himself to replace and plant a number of shrubs and trees to improve the site. Most of this year I have been a little disappointed that we did not get to present these photos on Anzac Day and I wondered if we should hold them back until next Anzac day. Now I think that the way we did it on Monday night was much more appropriate with the presentation coming from people who flew the F-111 including Al who knew both of the crew and myself who knew Mark. Anne, Barbara, Andrew and their spouses enjoyed the evening and really appreciated the effort that you and 82 Wing personnel had put in to preparing the photos. I have also attached a copy of pretty much what I said.  Boggy thanks again for your help, we did good to some good people. B-la 

photophoto (55)photo (56)