Holt/Noordink Crash Site


Holt/Nordink Crash Site  -29.325438,153.337088

Coords:  29° 19' 31.5762"    153° 20' 13.5162"

On a wet & windy Wednesday, 30 May 12, Mal Hurman, Boggy Smith, Jason & Woodsy (EVD Range Staff) managed to find the overgrown Holt & Noordink F-111C crash site memorial. After a 4km 4WD trip up the beach from Illuka and courtesy of iPhone GPS, the boys parked adjacent to the coords and stepped in through the bush. An hour later, covering only 350 mtres, they found the crash site memorial cairn in the overgrown bush; still in great shape. EVD range staff cleared the entry to the site and prepared helo access for 6SQN’s memorial  family visit on Fri, 28 Sep 13.

On Friday 27 Sep 2013, a private wreath-laying service hosted by CO6SQN, WGCDR Rob Denney, was held at Evans Head for members of the Holt and Noordink family. EVD range staff and the Amberley SAR helo greatly assisted the day’s activities. Mrs Sue Noordink displayed tremendous grace and courage to visit the crash site for her very first time, nearly 36 years after that fateful day …