'Vark' Memorial, USA

F-111 “Vark Memorial Park” Clovis, New Mexico, USA 

115 names etched in granite . (courtesy of www.f-111.net)

Etched in gold lettering are the names of all 115 aircrew killed in the 58 fatal F-111 accidents worldwide; the ‘Vark’ memorial is constructed of the same granite stone as the Vietnam memorial in Washington D.C. (Was it fate that there is no room left for more names on the ‘Vark’ granite wall …)

Why the odd number ?  The very first F-111 accident, pre-production F-111A,       S/N: 63-9774 crashed and destroyed 19 January 1967 at Edwards AFB.  Killed was the pilot only, MAJ Herbert F. Brightwell; WSO Donovan I. McCance lived. The aircraft landed short of runway due to the wings being accidentally swept in the wrong direction. The pilot, MAJ Brightwell was not significantly injured in the crash landing, went around to unfasten the right seater. Tragically, the pilot was standing in a pool of JP4 which subsequently ignited and incinerated him.

Link to “Vark Memorial” ceremony for Shorty & Nige - 29 May 99:

Wreath Laying Ceremony for last RAAF F-111 fatal accident


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