6SQN OPCON Graduates - Alphabetical List

All aussie aircrew, USAF exchange aircrew and RAF exchange aircrew received F-111C flying training at RAAF Base Amberley, No 6SQN, between July 1973 and November 2008.  

6SQN’s training role was to conduct F/RF-111C/G Operational Conversion (OPCON), Refresher Training, Operational Upgrade (OPUP) and Fighter Combat Instructor (FCI) Courses.  

6SQN successfully conducted 64 OPCONs (1-46, 46A, 47-49, 49A, 50-62) between 13 Aug 73 until 30 May 08 and graduated 335 from 388 aircrew:

177    Pilots
132    Navigators 
  21    Air Combat Officers (ACO)
    3    USAF WSOs 
    2    Air Electronics Officers (AEO)

Total: 335 F-111C Aircrew
Graduation Rate: 86.3%
Time Span: 34 Years 9 Months