Windaroo 6 Oct 22

Team 1    Boggy     Kombat    Scotty    BJ             67 / 53.9  
Team 2    Woodsy   Omar        Tardo     Curly         66 / 52.3  
Team 3    Frank      RickOf      Baz        Streaty         DNF

      12 ducks pitched up at Windaroo GC for our last PIGZ+ pink ball scramble and despite the rain and waterlogged back nine, two teams pressed on to the bitter/dark end.  Not quite sure what happened to Team 3; something about a wrong turn after their 6th hole and ending up in the bar instead :) … anyway boyz, Team 2 says “Thanks for the kitty donation $$"

     The NAVs in Team 1 caved in like pricked balloons on the back nine.   After starting on fire
(6-Under after 8 holes) they got bogged down in the home straight and finished with a respectable score of 53.9 but were run down and beaten a whisker by the bandits / non-NAVIGATOR Team 2 with their winning team score of 52.3.    
Well played Woodsy, Omar, Tardo & Curly, a tad too good on the wet day, even with one pink ball up their sleeve, so they deserved all the loot this time.    Mentions in Despatches goes to Baz, last man standing from Team 3, who patiently waited in the clubhouse for his lift home with Kombat, until next time ...

!!! FORE / squelch / squelch !!!

Pig’s thinking WTF happened to Team 3 …         TEAM 1 planning their mutiny from Boggy !