PigzArz #12


F-111C Aircrew Reunion + Partners

Date: Thursday, 10 NOV 2022

Timings: 1830-2300h

Venue: Regatta Hotel, Winterford Room, Brisbane

Payment: The following prices are requested to service the Deposit:

$110 - per couple for drinks and bar snacks.

$60 - per head for drinks and bar snacks.

$50 - per head for drinks only.

$40 per head if you will not consume alcoholic beverages.

If you roll up on the day, having not contributed to the deposit, we would hope a ‘door fee’ of $70 per person would go over the bar on entry.

If you can commit, please place one of the above (refundable) deposits into the following account:

BSB 734 061
Acct. 651176
Acc Name.  N Meadows

Please reference your deposit with PigzArz22 and your name and please send a reply email that you have undertaken this transaction. 

Note that until October 25, your deposit is refundable if we don’t get the numbers or you cannot travel. - so please an early payment would secure the venue. 

RSVP: Tiger Meadows

Email:   npmeadows@unmannedexperts.com  

Mob:  0407292922

Please contact Tiger for details and questions. 


The Queensland chapter of the F-111 Aircrew Association will again hold its PigzArz annual F-111 reunion at the Regatta Winterford Room on the evening of 10 November (Thursday).  Partners and friends are welcome.  

This may be the first time some are able to attend post pandemic, so we will welcome a number of you after a brief absence.  I’m aware that many are overseas, are on exercise, or maybe unable to travel interstate – and that military schedules are never set in stone!

The COVID Risk has significantly diminished, but travel challenges may emerge, and the venue is aware of these issues.  If you are interstate, and can travel - even at short notice, come on up to Queensland.  Late notice drop-outs are not a problem if you have a cough or COVID positive RAT.

We are aware there are other events organised by various other individuals in the months ahead, and they will make their announcements in due course.

Tiger Meadows is the POC for the Regatta gathering, and would welcome feed-back and comment on your likelihood of attending (and if accompanied).  There is a plan for a deposit ($3,000) - which will be our collective ‘Minimum Spend’ to secure the Winterford Room at Regatta. After that, the event is pay as you go.

The event will have money ‘over the bar’ from the above deposit, followed by a pay-as-you-go arrangement for all drinks and food selections once this is exhausted. There will be also a small selection of organised hors d'oeuvres food trays or platters (if you have dietary requirements - please order and pay for your own from the menu) , but there is plenty of opportunity for individuals or groups to order finger food, share platers and hors d'oeuvres - or whole meals if you desire.  It is suggested that individuals put money over the bar throughout the evening to keep a kitty going, or just pay as you go…but it will be individual choice on how or if anyone wants to do this.

We will have a minimum spend to secure the venue, which we will have exclusively from 1830-2300, so don’t be shy in ordering your favourite drink, wine, cocktail, beer or champagne and / or nibbles.

The venue will provide use of the Regatta’s Winterford room and bar, with staff, and also the Balcony and the adjoining Heritage room for a littler quieter ambience.

Please save the date and spread the word, as not all ex pig guys and gals are on the email listing.  Partners and friends are welcome.

Last year there were over 60 attendees.  To secure the venue, and to ensure we meet the minimum spend requirements required of the venue, we need a minimum of 50 people to go, so I am hopeful of responses in the next month to provide an indication of attendance.  Please pass the word to your F-111 colleagues.